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A dental implant is an operation to place a special dental post into the jawbone, which will act as the root. Later, a crown is attached to this post, and the resulting strong structure completely replaces the lost tooth. The implant resembles a tooth root and is made from high quality titanium.

The dental implant serves as a functional support for the placement of a permanent crown, a dental bridge or a cover restoration depending on the clinical situation. The construction allows to restore the integrity of the row and masticatory function, stops the gradual atrophy of bone tissue.

The whole operation takes place under anesthesia. The gum tissue is cut and the flaps are pulled apart to get to the bone. Using a drill, the specialist makes a hole of the required size for the future tooth. A pin is then integrated into this channel and closed with a temporary stopper. The gum tissue is returned to its original position and sutured.

It takes 3-4 months for the implant system to take root in the lower jaw and about 4-6 months in the upper jaw.

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There is a one-stage method of dental implantation. The implant is placed immediately after the tooth extraction. It is inserted in the extraction site and the temporary structure is put in place. All the necessary work is done in 1 day, but in some cases the crown is placed after a couple of days.

Most people have doubts about placing a dental implant because it may not always take root. The final decision should be made after a consultation with the doctor. Nowadays, dental implants have reached a new level and there is no need to worry about problems with the dental implant.


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